KT-110: Innovative treatment of Addictions
Worldwide Market, First-in-Class
In Phase II (PoC) clinical trial

Preclinical trials


Selected composition:

Cyproheptadine : Antagonist of 5HT2 and 5HT1C receptors used in the treatment of allergy

Prazosin : Antagonist of alpha1-adrenergic receptors used in the treatment of arterial high blood pressure

Addiction to alcohol:

Effects of the combination on the alcohol intake and on preference to alcohol.


Cyproheptadine + Prazosin in combination (KT-110 of Kinnov Therapeutics) reverses preference to alcohol and induces a strong alcohol aversion. Other studies show better efficacy of KT-110 than available products.

Addiction to nicotine:

Effects of KT-110 on behavioral sensitization to nicotine.


Nicotine induces an hyperactivity that becomes more marked after the 2nd and 3rd injections (Behavioral Sensitization).
KT-110 antagonizes behavioral sensitization induced by nicotine

clinical trials

COCKTAIL Phase 2b study of KT-110 on alcohol addiction : protocol approved by ANSM

The next 2 years will be dedicated to performing the clinical validation of KT-110 in alcohol addiction and to entering a partnership with a global pharma company

The preclinical trials on other indications will be pursued and a phase 2 study on tobacco addiction will be prepared.


Phase 2b study on alcohol addiction is conducted for Kinnov Therapeutics by Pr. Alain Puech Selected CRO: ECSOR (www.ecsor.com), highly experienced in coordinating clinical studies in the addiction field. The clinical trial manager is Lucas Biela, who has past experience with study management in CROs, biotechs and pharmaceutical companies.

Principal investigator: Prof. Henri-Jean Aubin, Hôpital Paul Brousse, Villejuif
DSMB Pdt: Dr. Ivan Berlin, Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris
Both are internationally renowned for their competence in alcohol and tobacco addiction studies

COCKTAIL study started in Nov 2019 with 23 centers in France (list of sites available here)



BV06 (2004)

Concept patent delivered in Fr. In study in EU and USA

BV06BIS (2010)

Protection of combinations and compositions for addiction to alcohol treatment

  • Granted in France
  • Granted in Europa
  • Granted in China
  • Granted in Australia
  • Granted in USA

The most important patent (BV06BIS) has been recognized by the major countries with a significative addiction market

Essential point: We have obtained a protection not only on the indication but also on the composition. Consequently, the association is protected whatever the indication.


Protection of combinations and compositions for addiction to other drugs – tabacco…

  • Granted in France
  • Granted in Russia
  • Granted in Ukraine