A socio economic problem

Addiction is a huge
problem we try to solve.
The market is more than 3 billion USD and involves more than 35M people worldwide

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Innovation research and development

With 20 years of experience,
we have developed new strategies to solve addiction problems

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An effective treatment

Today, there is no real
solution to addiction.
Our first product,
KT-110,is a true chance of treatment.

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European funds

Exceptional participation from Europe to finance clinical trials

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Our mission : overcome the global challenge of addiction (alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, opioids… )

Kinnov-Therapeutics founders have worked on deciphering the pharmacological and biochemical mechanisms of addiction for more than 20 years, resulting in the identification of a disruptive strategy to treat addicted people. Indeed, addiction (alcohol, tobacco, gambling...) is becoming a serious socio-economic problem and for the sole US market, treatment of these pathologies reached $3 billion in 2013. Nevertheless, to date, few therapeutic agents are available and efficient on these pathologies of addiction.
Phase 2 study on safety and efficacy of KT-110 in alcohol use disorder is positive. Very High risk level population is likely to be targeted for phase 3 study. FDA accepts TAC reduction as main criterion, which provides consistency between USA and Europe for phase 3 study