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KINNOV therapeutics

KINNOV was created as a spin off from Greenpharma and Key-Obs, both located in Orléans, 100 km south of Paris France.

Kinnov-Therapeutics founders have worked on deciphering the pharmacological and biochemical mechanisms of addiction for more than 20 years, resulting in the identification of a disruptive strategy to treat addicted people.

KT-110 is the first project to enter phase 2 clinical trial based on this new strategy. KT-110, a patented composition, associates two off-patent drugs demonstrating a synergistic effect on addiction.

KT-110 proof of concept clinical trial on alcohol addiction has started in nov 2019, results are expected in 2021.


of the project

Addictions are cognitive pathologies defined by a dependency to a substance or an activity, with deleterious consequences.

Tobacco (nicotine) and alcohol are the most common addictions, followed by cannabis, opiates and at to a lesser extent, cocaines, amphetamines and synthetic derivatives. People may also be addicted to activities such as gambling, video game…

Addiction is becoming a serious socio-economic problem. The U.S. market for substance abuse treatment and diagnosis reached $3 billion in 2013, in which pharmaceutical treatments had the largest share with $2.8 billion. Management of increasing addiction and abuse to nicotine, alcohol and illicit prescription drugs costs around $700 billion for the Americans every year.

Furthermore, according to WHO, 280 million peoples suffer of alcohol use disorder world wide, causing 3.3 millions of death each year. Nevertheless, few therapeutic agents are available and efficient on these pathologies of addiction, to date.